Live your Purpose

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Knowing what your purpose is and how it fits into the greater good, provides an individual with meaning – a reason to live. Being passionate about what you do is closely related to understanding what your purpose is. Some people stumble on their purpose early in live, others need to go through a process of deep inner reflection to discover what theirs is. It is vital however that one crystallises for yourself what your purpose is.

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Encouraging empathy in your organisation

The Covid-19 pandemic and related lockdowns around the globe has put a spotlight on the need for empathy. Many have been able to display great empathy, while others have been struggling. I suspect that those organisations that have typically been bottom line driven, would have found it a lot more difficult to deal with the levels of empathy required in dealing with employees who suddenly had to go into a mini diaspora, while dealing with the inevitable bereavement that accompanied the virus as it wreaked havoc.

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