Lessons from a reformed fraudster – Finding healing and self-forgiveness

Doctor Claudelle von Eck in an interview with Brad Sadler. Brad was convicted of fraud and had undergone a transformation process to where he is now – avidly spreading the word that fraud only brings negative dividends to the fraudster. In this first of two interviews, Dr Claudelle and Brad Sadler discuss whether fraudsters can be reformed and what one needs to do to reform yourself when you have wronged society.

Denial of pain diminishes your capacity

We all experience trauma at some point in our lives, both in our personal and professional lives. We tend to think about trauma mostly in relation to our personal lives, but many traumatic experiences can transpire in our workplace, such as being intimidated, demoted or retrenched. We often find that, especially when we have a […]

Overcoming Post Traumatic Embitterment disorder

When we experience trauma in our work environment, we could easily fall prey to allowing bitterness to infect our being. When we become consumed with bitterness we are unable to function at optimal level and find ourselves being alienated as a result of our negative attitude. Recognising that you are suffering from Post Traumatic Embitterment […]

Anger is an expression of pain

We sometimes fail to interpret someone else’s anger correctly, especially when we feel the brunt of it. Understanding what is behind the anger makes it much easier to feel empathy for the next person and in the process freeing yourself from being trapped in a cycle of anger. https://youtu.be/XxVYtAMJhbg

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