Fear can be your friend or your enemy

Whether we like it or not, we were not designed to be fearless. Fear is an emotional response connected to a basic need we all have – to feel safe. In the evolution of the human brain, this had been encoded for a very good reason. Our fear response is designed to trigger an action from us. If it’s a lion, we run. If we were to convince ourselves that we should not show fear and stand our ground, the stand we take is probably going to be immaterial to a starving lion. His fear that you may also be a threat, would most certainly be overridden by his fear of starving to death. Human beings are in any event rather defenceless without our modern weapons.

Your Strategic Circle

Do you have a clear view of who the people are that you have strategic relationships with?

Self Awareness

Many of us think that we have a good sense of who we are, but true self-awareness requires a multi-dimensional view of oneself.

The voices behind our beliefs

We are often quite unaware of how our belief systems are influenced by various external factors, and how those beliefs may impact on our decisions and actions. Not interrogating information that we are being fed on a daily basis could quite easily lead to a skewed view of reality, which may lead to inappropriate decisions or actions. Reflecting on how we have come to our conclusions should be standard practice for leaders.

The power of self-observation

Taking a step back and getting onto the balcony to observe yourself is probably one of the most difficult things to do. We don’t like acknowledging, nor watching, our flaws in action. However, as long as we are not aware of the flaws, we cannot correct them. It is always a lot easier to look at the flaws of others than looking at our own. When we are able to convince ourselves that we need to become our own observers and step back, we open up a whole new world of possibilities in our own self development. But, that does sound easier said than done. How does one accomplish and maintain such a feat?

You will remain in turmoil until you have made the decision

One’s inability to come to a decision can create a never-ending cycle of turmoil. This is especially true when we need to make decisions at important inflexion points and that may significantly alter the course we’re on. Many of us don’t even realise the extent of the turmoil that we’re in, as it may not […]

Protecting your purpose – your body

There are a number of dimensions that you should focus on in protecting your purpose. Your body is one of those important dimensions. When you are not feeling well and your body is not operating at an optimum level, it inevitably has an impact on how much you are able to deliver. When we do […]

Protecting your purpose

Once you understand what you purpose is and what its importance is in the context of the greater good, you understand that you have an obligation to protect your purpose in the interest of the greater good. Your purpose has been entrusted to you for a reason. You are therefore responsible for ensuring that you […]

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