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Interesting Links

Author:Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe
Edited by:Benjamin Pogrund

“Babies enter the world with no opinion of the world, God, race, gender, hierarchies, etc. Then we get fed ideas and we are assimilated into the collective imagination. Don’t blame yourself, little girl. The odds were against you. They were all standing ready to teach you, like good adults should. You were completely dependent on them for your survival, and you trusted them. They were the all-knowing adults who could never be wrong. As they were taught by those before them. Handing the sins down from one generation to the other. The way of the world. Know your place. You’re a girl. One with chocolate skin. A delicious colour, but it does not make you beautiful.”

Future of Leadership

In 2018 Dr Nikolaus Eberl interviewed Dr Claudelle to discuss her views on the future of leadership. Herein she shares what has shaped her as a leader as well as what skills she believes leaders will need in the future. 


Pearls of Wisdom from Dr Claudelle von Eck

In an interview with Southern African Women in Leadership (SAWIL), Dr Claudelle shares her views on leadership. She touches on aspects such as the traits great leaders possess, the challenges women face and the strategies they can use to achieve more prominent roles in their organisations. Follow this link to the interview.  


article on CFO SA’s website

The Corporate Governance Index produced by the IIA SA has already shown a year on year decline in the ethics dimension. Could we sink lower? Yes, all indications are that, if we are not careful, we are at risk of scoring even lower in the ethics dimension post the crisis. This is not only a South African problem. All countries face the same dilemma. Follow this link to Dr Claudelle’s full article.

webinar hosted by CFO SA and CHRO

On 26 June 2020 Dr Claudelle participated in a webinar hosted by CHRO SA and brother company CFO SA that focused on fraudulent activity and how it tends to increase in times of crisis. She was joined by certified fraud examiner Mario Fazekas and reformed fraudster Brad Sadler. The three gave a riveting account of why instances of fraud and corruption are likely to escalate in a Covid-19 world where pressures of the economic downturn may drive employees to turn to crime for financial relief. Follow this link to a summary of the webinar.

If you carry the egg basket
do not dance.

— Ambede proverb

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