They moved your leader




Once in a while one finds that one leader who you are willing to follow just about anywhere. You click with them because that person just gets you and knows how to manage you. They let you experiment with your new ideas and provide a safety net in case your idea backfires on you. They somehow manage to help you increase your self-worth and your belief in your abilities. They sell a compelling vision and have gained your respect because they don’t just talk about the vision, they make it real. Most importantly, they walk the integrity talk and set a fine example of ethical courage.

Then the unthinkable happens. The organisation restructures and moves your department to another division and you no longer report to that person. Or, your favourite manager is promoted and they are no longer part of your team. Or, they leave the organisation. Result is, you are reporting to a new manager. This is not always unexpected. Sometimes your manager had already indicated that they are going to retire. Either way, the reality you have to face is that your amazing manager is no longer in the picture and you now have to adjust to a new leadership style and build a new relationship. Download product here


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