Strategic Advisor

Unique solutions based on the circumstances, aspirations and needs of the client.

Strategic Advisor

With organisations having to deal with increasing complexity at a faster pace, it is becoming more and more difficult to see the wood for the trees and keep a finger on the pulse all the time. Most leadership teams find that they are stretched beyond their seams. Using a consultant can be useful in ensuring that nothing important slips through the cracks. It is about bringing in an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands where you cannot hire permanent staff.

Consultants typically add value where particular expertise is needed in a defined project. A consultancy may also contain a number of elements simultaneously. We work with the client to ensure that our input remains strategic and tactical and that the assignment is focused and does not become open-ended.

Benefits of using Brave Inflexions consultants include:

  • Unique solutions based on the circumstances, aspirations and needs of the client.
  • Best practice and transference of knowledge where applicable. We ensure that as far as possible we transfer our know-how so that there is no ongoing dependency on our skills.
  • Exposure to expertise and specific technical skills that are non-existent or in short supply in-house.
  • Change management skills enhanced by the consultant’s position as an independent and objective professional.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership and building bench strength
  • Change management
  • Strategy formulation and scenario planning
  • Creating culture shifts to enhance productivity
  • Creating an ethical culture
  • Independent reviews on courses of action
  • Evaluating the performance and effectiveness of oversight bodies
  • Implementing governance principles
  • Taking the organisation through an inflexion point

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