Executive Coaching

Coaching is a process in which we assist our clients in finding the solutions and answers they seek within themselves.

Coaching to and through inflexion points

Coaching is a process in which we assist our clients in finding the solutions and answers they seek within themselves. In a fast paced world that is becoming increasingly more complex, it is becoming more difficult to not feel overwhelmed and unable to see solutions that may be staring you in the eye. Being constantly on the treadmill allows little room for reflection and thus hinder us from getting to optimal productivity.

In the coaching process, we challenge the client’s awareness and help them to crystalise their visions and goals as well as their options and resources. We walk alongside the client as they put together their action plans and strategies that enable them to overcome their obstacles, whether within themselves or in their surroundings, be productive and attain their goals.

Awareness is key to changing outlook, perceptions, beliefs and consequently behaviour. In the coaching process, the client becomes more aware of those elements they need to change within themselves and within their sphere of control in order for them to attain their goals.

Our primary objective is to facilitate a process in which the client helps themselves. We recognise that the client must create their own solutions in order to own them and that our role is to create an enabling process in which the client can craft their solutions.

We specialise in working with people in leadership positions who are at an inflexion point in their lives, jobs and careers as well as aspiring leaders on a fast tracked career path, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We offer a range of coaching options based on the client’s needs and the complexity of the circumstances through which we need to coach the client. These range from a few one hour online sessions to packages that include assessments and longer term structured sessions.

We also provide group mentoring sessions were appropriate, either face to face or online. 

The cost is determined by the complexity and length of the coaching engagement. We will provide you with a quote once the scope of the coaching engagement has been determined.

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