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Dr Claudelle is a well sought after keynote, panellist and moderator who aims to bring depth, insight and contribute to the success of your event. She is well versed in various topics related to leadership, governance and ethics.  

Summaries of Keynote Topics

Why governance principles fail

Governance codes, when adhered to, are intended to help organisations to be successful and sustainable in the long term. The reality is that the success of governance principles entirely depends on the people in the organisation. This talk focuses on the human elements that tend to create obstacles to good governance in organisations.

Target audience: Directors, Oversight Committees, Executive management and Middle Management

Building a courageous organisation

Organisations are dealing with increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Steering the organisation through stormy waters is hardly ever an easy task. The most difficult is not plotting the strategy, but rather to take the people through the change or a storm without casualties. A key leadership skill in the 21st century is the ability to build courage in others as they are required to step out into new territories, be innovative, speak up when they see something wrong and be bold enough to put their ideas forward. This talk focuses on what organisations need to do to ensure that their people are courageous.

Target audience: Executive and Middle Management. Can also be adapted for staff and focus on what they need to do to be courageous.

Creating an ethical culture

An ethical culture is fundamental to the long term sustainability of any organisation. Although there has been much talk around the role of ethics in the organisation’s governance, many leaders do not yet fully comprehend the magnitude of their responsibility in creating an ethical culture. This talk focusses on the various elements leaders should bear in mind in building an ethical culture that goes way beyond a tick box approach.

Target audience: Directors, Oversight Committees, Executive and Middle Management, Office bearers such as Internal Auditors and Risk Managers

Developing Ethics Intelligence and Ethical Courage

In a world where there are so many governance failures causing reputational damage and at the heart of it ethical faux pas, organisations can hardly afford to not focus on ethics in the organisations. Yet, many leaders underestimate the complexity of the topic and rely on the fact that they have employed “good people”. Ethics is much broader than just about issues of fraud and corruption. Ethics intelligence is the ability to spot ethical implications in decisions and actions. This talk focuses on what ethics intelligence is, why it is needed and the courage that is needed to take a stand on matters that have ethical implications.

Target audience: All professionals

Building a strong cohesive Audit Committee

Audit Committees have to deal with increasing complexity as organisations are struggling with the complexities in and around them. In order to be effective at optimal level, it is important that the committee functions as a cohesive team that maximises its strength and effectively deals with its weak areas. This talk focuses on the dynamics of the committee and how it can ensure that it becomes a strong governance pillar of the organisation.

Target audience: Audit Committees

Note: This talk could be tailored for other types of committees and boards as well.

Leadership lessons from the dancefloor

This talk looks at leadership from a different angle, designed to teach leaders how to tune into the rhythm of the organisation and the environment in which it operates, how to ensure that they are strong enough to lead when the rhythm changes and how to work with others. The talk uses dance as an analogy to teach important leadership lessons and thus presents thought provoking lessons in a non-threatening way.

Target audience: Professionals in leadership positions and aspiring leaders

Leadership lessons they don’t teach you in business school

Within any organisation it is more often than not the people issues that are most difficult to deal with. Leaders are often schooled in the technical aspects and not in how the people dynamics play out and can adversely affect the organisation’s plans and output. This talk focuses on those people aspects that can derail well laid out plans and strategies and how to overcome them.

Target audience: Professionals in leadership positions and aspiring leaders

Leading through change and uncertainty

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are shaping the reality within which leaders have to steer organisations. Leading people through both incremental and frame breaking change is easier on paper than it is in reality. This talk focuses on the competencies leaders need to lead people through change and uncertainty.

Target audience: Professionals in leadership positions and aspiring leaders

Dancing with wolves

Professionals are taught technical skills and where applicable, business acumen. They are taught how organisations are run, but not necessarily the people aspects that may derail their good intentions within the organisation. Not everyone in the organisation will see the good intentions and want to help you make things work. As a matter of fact, executing your duty is often like walking through an area filled with landmines. This talk focuses on the dark side of leadership and dealing with the dangers of working with dangerous people.

Target audience: All professionals

Beyond business acumen – Fluid dreamers who can re-imagine

Organisations operate in shifting realities. Leaders are constantly challenged with black swans and disruptions. In order to stay ahead of the pack, what organisations desperately need in their people is not just an understanding of how the business is run, but the ability to be agile in their thinking and innovate. Sometimes this means having to remain fluid across multiple realities. This talk focuses on how individuals can unshackle themselves from being caught in a rusty mould and re-wire their thinking.

Target audience: All professionals

Your brand. Your credibility

Many professionals think that their work will speak for itself and create their brand. However, much more is needed to ensure that you build a durable and recognisable brand that helps you to stand above the rest. This talk focuses on those elements that professionals need to focus on to build a credible brand, which in turn increase their value in and for the organisations they serve.

Target audience: All professionals

If you carry the egg basket
do not dance.

— Ambede proverb

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