Training topics

Building a courageous organisation

Organisations are dealing with increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Steering the organisation through stormy waters is hardly ever an easy task. The most difficult is not plotting the strategy, but rather to take the people through the change or a storm without casualties.

 This workshop covers the following topics:

  • Courage to change and become agile
  • Different personalities deal with change differently
  • Collaboration and Cohesion – Collective accountability
  • Becoming battle ready
  • Courage in teams – building a speak-up culture
  • Protecting whistle-blowers
Building an ethical culture

An ethical culture is fundamental to the long term sustainability of any organisation. Although there has been much talk around the role of ethics in the organisation’s governance, many leaders do not yet fully comprehend the magnitude of their responsibility in creating an ethical culture.

This workshop covers the following topics:

  • Understanding ethics beyond fraud and corruption
  • Ethics intelligence
  • Creating a common understanding of ethics across diverse groups
  • Identifying typical ethical dilemmas
  • Eliminating catalysts of unethical behaviour
  • Cultivating the right behaviour
  • Creating a speak-up culture in a safe environment
  • Monitoring ethical behaviour
Building a strong cohesive oversight body

Oversight bodies have to deal with increasing complexity as organisations are struggling with the complexities in and around them. In order to be effective at optimal level, it is important that the oversight body functions as a cohesive team that maximises its strength and effectively deals with its weak areas.

This workshop covers the following topics, inter alia:

  • Balance of power and politics
  • Balance between consensus and dissent
  • Relationships within and with stakeholders
  • Understanding the strengths, weaknesses and vacuums within the team
  • Optimal meetings
  • Evaluation of performance and effectiveness
Leading through change and uncertainty

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are shaping the reality within which leaders have to steer organisations. Leading people through both incremental and frame-breaking change is easier on paper than it is in reality.

This workshop covers the following topics, inter alia:

  • Transcendental leadership
  • Understanding change
  • Competencies leaders need to take people through change and uncertainty
  • Building agility

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