The Whistle Blower’s Achilles Heel

The journey of a whistle blower is never an easy one. Many who make the noble decision to blow the whistle, do not fully recover once they have walked through the battle ground. Landing on your feet should be a goal every whistle blower aims for as an ultimate end state. Following a set of principles may help the individual find their way to that desired end state.

Encouraging empathy in your organisation

There is a strong correlation between performance and empathy in the workplace. Where there is more empathy, effective communication and improved human connections tend to be more prevalent. Leaders who want to see increased performance should therefore put more effort into creating an emphatic atmosphere in their spheres of influence. In order to create an empathic culture in the organisation, the leadership cannot be passive and hope that the culture will shape itself into what is desired. The tone is set at the top, but there are a number of interventions that may be helpful in empathy becoming central to the culture of the organisation.

Leading through Change and Uncertainty Video

Free Webinar: Leading through change and Uncertainty Over the ages we have gone from relatively stable environments, with the occasional disruption, to having to navigate through what can at times feel like absolute chaos with constant disruptions. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity have become very uncomfortable bedfellows in our daily lives. With Covid-19 and its […]

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