The true depth of accountability

Accountability has for the longest of times been touted as one of the key pillars of governance, for very good reasons. Can one talk about governance without accountability? Especially when you consider the fact that we are living in a world where complexity is not only the order of the day, but the degree of complexity is also constantly increasing?

Is Culture on the Board’s agenda?

Despite all the corporate failures, we should spare some empathy for Boards. The complexities that they have to deal with, in relation to the time they actually spend in board meetings, are disproportionate. The matters they have to deal with, in conditions that increasingly resemble a fishbowl, are only snowballing and the rate of change […]

Tone at the top vs actual culture

Tone at the top, as an important governance principle, has gained more prominence over the last number of years as one corporate scandal after the other rocked the world. It is clear that Boards must take ultimate responsibility for building and maintaining an ethical culture in the organisation over which they preside. It is therefore […]

Making better Board decisions

Boards always run the risk of making decisions that could backfire on them, especially in a world where increasing complexity is the order of the day. Wrong decisions can severely damage the reputation of the organisation and/or affect the long-term sustainability of the organisation. They could also derail the careers of Board members. With the […]