Courage to stand with David

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In a world where we see increasing signs of unethical behaviour such as fraud and corruption, we rely heavily on whistleblowers coming forward and speaking up. However, there are increasing signs that point to people preferring to rather keep quiet because they have seen how others who dared to speak up and how they have been treated. They often find themselves victimised and ostracised. A big culprit in those scenarios is those who watch in silence.

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Encouraging empathy in your organisation

The Covid-19 pandemic and related lockdowns around the globe has put a spotlight on the need for empathy. Many have been able to display great empathy, while others have been struggling. I suspect that those organisations that have typically been bottom line driven, would have found it a lot more difficult to deal with the levels of empathy required in dealing with employees who suddenly had to go into a mini diaspora, while dealing with the inevitable bereavement that accompanied the virus as it wreaked havoc.

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