Self Awareness

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Many of us think that we have a good sense of who we are, but true self-awareness requires a multi-dimensional view of oneself. To be completely self-aware, one must look at yourself from different vantage points, or through different lenses. Yet, many are satisfied with a one-dimensional view of themselves. In this video I explore the different lenses through which you should look at yourself to increase your own self-awareness.

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Encouraging empathy in your organisation

The Covid-19 pandemic and related lockdowns around the globe has put a spotlight on the need for empathy. Many have been able to display great empathy, while others have been struggling. I suspect that those organisations that have typically been bottom line driven, would have found it a lot more difficult to deal with the levels of empathy required in dealing with employees who suddenly had to go into a mini diaspora, while dealing with the inevitable bereavement that accompanied the virus as it wreaked havoc.

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