The voices behind our beliefs

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We are often quite unaware of how our belief systems are influenced by various external factors, and how those beliefs may impact our decisions and actions. Not interrogating information that we are being fed on a daily basis could quite easily lead to a skewed view of reality, which may lead to inappropriate decisions or actions. Reflecting on how we have come to our conclusions should be standard practice for leaders.

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Silent collusions, groupthink and unbridled power

The word ‘collusion’ has its roots in Latin. The Latin prefix col-, meaning “together,” and the verb ludere, “to play,” come together to form collude. The related noun collude has the specific meaning “secret agreement or cooperation.” (Mirriam Webster dictionary). The Collins dictionary defines collusion as “to act together through a secret understanding, esp. with evil or harmful intent”.

On the face of it, it seems clear that there would need to be a conversation of sorts to reach an agreement to cooperate. The question that is plaguing me however is whether the need for a verbal conversation or written agreement is necessary to enter a collusion. Could you have two or more players playing together without any meeting, secret or not, and without a verbal or written agreement to cooperate?

3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately there are no support systems in organisations, for the people who expose wrongdoing, or who strive to prevent the inadvertent or planned purposeful wrongdoing. People get labelled, isolated and boxed.
    This is a big problem as organisations have key players who orchestrate wrongdoing …..and there are not enough dissenters.

  2. Dear Dr Von Eck
    The voices behind our beliefs video has nuggets of lessons , thank you ..

    Congratulations , this website is easy to navigate and has lots and lots of useful and relevant information for leaders like myself .
    The middle Management section really resonates with me as I am currently placed in that role , do you offer coaching services for this segment of leaders .

    Sixolile Ngcobo

    1. Dear Sixolile

      I am really glad to hear that you find value in the website. Let me know if there are particular topics you would like me to tackle that I have not already addressed.

      Yes, I do offer coaching services. I will drop you an e-mail and we can explore how I can be of assistance to you.

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