Interview with Ansie Ramalho -Overcoming leadership challenges

In this conversation, Dr Claudelle and Ansie Ramalho explore modern-day leadership challenges and how Ansie has dealt with some of the challenges she has had to face. Ansie gives some insight into the challenges she faced in joining the Board of KMPG (SA) at the time when the firm was steeped in a scandal in South Africa. She also gives some advice to emerging leaders which are worth embracing.

Ansie Ramalho is a lawyer by training and considered a leading authority on corporate governance, with both deep and broad theoretical and applied knowledge on the topic.

Ansie serves as a professional non-executive director. In addition, she regularly writes and facilitates training on corporate governance and company law.

Ansie was the appointed King IV Project Lead with responsibility for the successful finalisation of the King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa and she now chairs the King Committee.

Her prior positions include having been the Chief Executive of the IoDSA from 2010 to 2014. 

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Outsourced morality

It is incumbent on each of us to constantly evaluate whether our moral compass is still pointing to our true north. We need to continually ask ourselves whether our actions are informed by our own beliefs that we carefully considered, before we concluded that they are fit to be used in our moral compass. How certain are we that we are not just believing what we are because those around us believe it? Or, that we are believing what we are because those who we have crowned with a halo believe it? Applying one’s own mind is paramount if we were to avoid the temptation of outsourcing our morality to others.

Fear can be your friend or your enemy

Whether we like it or not, we were not designed to be fearless. Fear is an emotional response connected to a basic need we all have – to feel safe. In the evolution of the human brain, this had been encoded for a very good reason. Our fear response is designed to trigger an action from us. If it’s a lion, we run. If we were to convince ourselves that we should not show fear and stand our ground, the stand we take is probably going to be immaterial to a starving lion. His fear that you may also be a threat, would most certainly be overridden by his fear of starving to death. Human beings are in any event rather defenceless without our modern weapons.

Know your rhythm

It is important that we work with our rhythm instead of against it. That is a sure way to increase our productivity. In the last number of months, I have started to notice that the number one issue I am dealing with among my coachees is burnout. Often that is because of a lack of understanding of what their rhythm is. We look after ourselves as leaders because we need to give those we lead the best version of ourselves. Selfcare is part of our leadership responsibility.

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